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What Is The Secret To Amazing Professional Headshots?

We can tell you it’s not the technical set-up.  You can learn how to place the lights and position the person in front of the camera. 

The secret is not technical at all. It is psychological in nature. The psychology of capturing a person entails being able to bring out the pure person inside, the sparkle in their eyes, the radiance in their face. 

It’s not about the jewelry or the fancy suits. Those are tools that you use in your professional headshots that will accompany your overall image. –This is what we do. Bring out your sparkle and your radiance. 

That’s why we say “Amazing Professional Headshots”. Not because we mastered lighting (which we did).  Not because we posed you properly (we did that too). 

It’s because we brought out your radiance and your sparkle. 

And there is nothing more beautiful than a person who shows their radiance to the world. 

With this in mind, we ask you to be authentic with us so that we can capture amazing professional headshots for you too.

Many people have anxieties about getting their professional headshots taken. This is even more of a consideration when we become older or perhaps a little heavier. Our job is to bring out the best in you even if you feel you are not at your best. We ask you to be open with us and discuss how you really feel. Everyone has something about themselves that isn’t their best strength. We have a way to bring out the best in you by knowing what not to feature. This can only happen if we have an authentic and honest relationship with you. If you’re having an emotional off-day please reschedule your appointment. It will show.


A recipient of the prestigious Kodak Photographer of The Decade Award, has been making people look good and feel amazing for over twenty years.

With his background and wisdom in human relationships and the power of positivity, you will be guaranteed a wonderful experience and a great headshot.

Whether he’s working with ‘C’ level executives or independent service providers or perhaps on a glamour set with make-up artists, one thing is for sure — everyone will remember their experience and how he made them feel!


In this new business landscape, people are dealing with many changes. From down-sizing to restructuring, many must consider re-invention as they embark on new businesses or start new corporate jobs. 

If you need to re-start, re-invent, transform, or automate your business to the new modern model you may benefit from a complementary personal branding consultation with me.

In today’s environment, there is pressure for everyone to embrace the entrepreneurial journey, whether you’re self-employed or an Intrapreneur working for another company. Thinking effectually is paramount to your success and that’s where I come in. That’s what I do, help you go to market or to increase your sales using the modern business model.